1How to set up a Digital Box?
1. Check the contents
2. Put the batteries into the remote
3. Connect the Digital Box using either a RCA/HDMI
4. Connect the antenna
5. Place the antenna
6. Power the TV on
7. Connect the power adapter and power on the Digital Box
2How to register?
Registration is a process that you will be required to complete. This is pretty simple and follows the follow process:
You will be required to send a SMS to 822-4- RTV (788). This SMS will take the following form:
*firstname*lastname*BOX ID Number#1 Send
Example: *Jane*Doe*B077F7C1AA176220#1
3How to add credit?
This option goes through carriers’ Digicel and Lime and after you purchase ReadyCredit you will add the voucher by sending a SMS/Text to 822-4- (RTV) using the following step:
 *UserID*16 digit voucher number#1 
Example: *1165*8267501784368181#1
4How to subscribe?
Simply the code in for the package of your choice. So whether it be for 1 day, 7 days or 30 days you simply send their SMS to 822-4- (RTV).
Example:*1165*201#1 / *1165*207#1 / *1165*230#1
5How to play from your thumb drive?
1. Select the sixth option to your right
2. Select media player
3. Select what you would like( pictures, videos, and audio)
6How to do an Auto Search:
1. Select menu on your remote
2. Scroll right to the 4th option (network antenna)
3. Select Auto Search
NB: You will see your channels populated on the top left when the “progress" gets to 100%.
Select "Exit" twice and then go through the list of channels that are there.


1Unable to get a signal
1. Reboot the box.
2. Try placing your current antenna close to a window and check the strength on your box.
3. Try connecting an outdoor antenna using a coaxial cable in order to receive a high digital broadcast.


While your Prepaid TV Starter Pack includes a basic indoor antenna to help get you started, we strongly recommend using an outdoor antenna to optimize your viewing experience. An outdoor antenna will overcome most signal interference issues you might encounter, including distance from our broadcast tower, obstructed lines of sight, hilly terrains, buildings or environmental factors.

2The video on your digital box is frozen but audio continues
1. Unplug your digital box for 30 seconds then replug it and turn it on
2. Remove any devices with a magnetic field or other electronic devices from close to your Digital Box.
3Digital box won’t power on
1. Make sure the digital box is plugged into a working outlet.
2. Ensure if you are using a power strip that it is plugged in and turned on.
3. Try pressing the power button on the Digital Box.
4. Try changing the batteries in the remote and retry powering on.
5. Unplug the Digital Box, wait 2-3 minutes then replug and try repowering it on.
4None of the box's lights are on, nothing is on the TV
1. Check the power source. If the Digital Box is plugged into a power strip.
2. Press OK on the remote. If the Digital Box's oval power light is not green, press OK on the remote.
3. Press the Power button on the Digital Box.
4. Check the remote.
5. Power is on but no picture.
6. Reboot the Digital Box.
5The remote does not change the channels
1. Ensure there is nothing blocking the remote’s signal from reaching your TV
2. Point the remote to the Digital box and not your television.
3. Ensure the batteries are fresh and installed properly
6Blue Screen
1. Ensure the TV is on the correct input channel, this will vary for each TV brand and model.
2. Check for either channel 3 or 4 (common ones).
3. The input selection varies as well. Please refer to the TV manual for your TV to determine the proper setting.
7Snowy Screen
A snowy screen could be caused by a few items:
1. TV Input – verify that the TV is set to channels 3 or 4, whichever applies to your specific brand and model.
2. Loose coaxial cable - if your setup includes coaxial cable, ensure that each end of the cable is secured tightly.
8Is your TV screen black and you're not sure why?
1. Verify that the power to your TV is on. To turn on your TV with the TV remote simply press the POWER button.
2. Verify that the power to the Digital Box is on.
NOTE: If step #1 or #2 resolves your issue, do not proceed to step #3. 3. Reboot the Digital Box.
9There is no volume on the Television when connected using HDMI
1. Ensure that it is connected to the correct HDMI port.
2. On your cable remote, go to audio settings. Make sure you audio digital output is HDMI.
10Does my Digital Box need to be replaced?
Your Digital Box may need to be replaced if you experience either of these two scenarios:
You see ALL of the following:
1. All lights on the front of the box are on.
2. Green oval ring surrounding the power button.
3. Green link light.
4. Blue HD light.
5. Red recording light.
6. Box doesn’t respond to your remote.
7. You can't turn off the box by pressing the power button.
8. No picture on your TV.
11How to connect Digital Box using RCA to RCA Connection?
1. Connect your cable end to the Digital Box.
2. Connect your RCA cable from the Digital Box in to your RCA out of the TV.
3. Switch the TV to the correct input using the "source" button on your TV or Remote. Sometimes labeled "input," this button allows you to switch where your TV gets the video and sound information. The input you choose on the TV should match the input you used for the cables.
4. Your Digital box is ready for use.
12Resetting the box and starting the process over.
1. Go to personal settings 
2. Factory settings
3. Restore default setting
4. Select yes for resetting to default
5. Enter the password "0000"
6. Try setting up again
13How to check for a cable connection by completing a Manual Search:
1. Select menu on your remote
2. Scroll right to the 4th option (network antenna)
3. Select Manual Search
4. Select ok on the remote
5. Select the channel/frequency and ensure that you are on 45/659M
6. Scroll down to "Find" and then select "Ok"