ReadyTV’s prepaid television service uses Scratchcards/e-vouchers known as ReadyCredit.
  1. Scratchcards are available in the following denominations:

a) $100

b) $200

c) $500

  1. E-Vouchers may be purchased for any value.
Top Up your account with readycredit then use the balances in your account to buy Channel Packages for 1 day, 7 days or 30 days. Readycredit scratch cards are available at these vendors and E-vouchers are available from Authorized Agents at the GO Terminals.


Use the Scratchcard or E-voucher purchased to Top Up your account.
Top It Up with the following text message to 822-4788 (4RTV)

Your “USER ID” is the four digit number you will receive upon registering your box.

i. Enter: *USER ID*16 DIGIT PIN#1
Eg. *1234*1234567890123456#1
ii. You will receive a text with Top Up approval and credit balance available to buy channel packages


i. Choose the channel package you wish to buy.
Example: 1 Day Package

ii. Send text message to purchase channel package to 822-4RTV (788) 
*USER ID*Package Code #1 e.g.*1234*201#1
iii. You will receive a text message with your purchase confirmation and remaining credit balance. 
** Allow up to 30 minutes for purchased channels to be authorized.


Want it Delivered or Installed?

Home Delivery - Within 24 hours at a cost of $900 in Kingston, Portmore & Spanish Town and $1800 in other areas. The cost of the box is not included.

Home Delivery & Installation - Standard Service within 48 hours at a cost of $2500 in Kingston, Portmore & Spanish Town. Other areas within 48 hours at $4000. The cost of the box and outdoor antenna is not included.

Installation Service Only - Premium service in Kingston, Portmore & Spanish Town within 4 hours at a cost of $4000 and within 24 hours at a cost of $2500. Standard Installation for other areas at a cost of $3500.

GCT will be added to all prices.